Chord crush - Knowing the right chords when you make a mistake

In “level up” when you make a mistake and lose your last life, you don’t have the chance to know the right answer. That’s very frustrating to me and also knowing the right answer is the way we learn. I mean, listening to the chord knowing what chord really is when you weren’t able to recognize it by yourself.

It really think you should change that.


I agree, maybe the game finish event should stay in the game screen, with the ‘solution’ and ‘next’ buttons available, letting you check the right answer, and once you click the next button, then it brings you to the ‘out of lives’ or ‘time’s up’ pop up.

Good idea! :+1:

However, I find it makes more sense when the order is reversed, with the “Time’s Up” or “Out of Lives” message appearing along with the Solution button. That’s just my opinion…

Yes!, I was trying to avoid having to redistribute the pop up design to make room for the button and having to hide it again in order to show the solution, but definitely either way that gives us the functionality would be awesome.

Also, in level up, when you give the the right answer, you don’t have the chance to listen again the same chords. In training mode you do, and that helps me a lot with learning the sound of the chords. I think it would be a good idea to give that chance in level up to. The time meter could stop until you click to continue, like it does in training mode. I don’t know if more people would appreciate that. It’s a suggestion.

All, great feedback. This capability was added in 1.2.12, released May 10 2022.

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