Chord Crush is unstable on firefox and Chrome for me


Just started Chord Crush a couple of days ago, it’s a Wonderful APP!
However, I am having issue in level 3-1 with inversions.

It is mixed up. Root chord sounds like 1st inversion and 1st inversion is root chord.
And, now that I think of it. the C-root throughout level 1 and 2 sounded like 2nd inversion to me, and G-V sounded identical to 1st position.

I’m on firefox browser predominantly, so I went on chrome to double check since I read somewhere that hook theory runs best on chrome.

Can someone please help me with this? Thank you.

Edit (11/28/2023):
I was using mellow chords (which still has the root and inversion chords mixed up. However, when I change the band to piano it is resolved. But now the F-IV in the previous lessons sounds like 1st inversion even still on band: piano. I have checked very carefully with my keyboard to confirm this. Please help, I am making good progress, but now concerned I’m doing more harm because I’m getting inversions mixed up early on this learning journey.

sidenote: The app stated I completed the daily song when I didn’t. And then the next day say that I got it wrong when I got it right. Then in lessons. It would say I completed all 10, when I’ve only completed 8 out 10 questions. Good news is this has all been resolved, but the chord inversions again are all mixed up.