Chord Crush glitches

As you can see from the Rush leaderboards, I’ve been having just a little too much fun on Chord Crush! (I’m coming for you @Ryan !) It’s a great app, thoughtfully and logically designed, and the visuals are very stylish. Hats off to the team who worked on it.

There are just a few intermittent glitches I’ve been experiencing in Rush. Every so often (perhaps 1% or 2% of the time) one of the following will happen, particularly when I’m moving rapidly through the early levels:

  • The key will be changed without warning - the key change melody sometimes doesn’t automatically play.
  • The first couple of notes of the key change melody are sometimes cut off.
  • The level’s chord audio sometimes won’t automatically play. I have to manually press “Play”, wasting precious seconds.
  • When a new level is first displayed (while it is still being loaded/rendered), I will sometimes hear a wrong chord momentarily before the correct chord sequence starts to play. Often, this will occur in the early C major levels, and it will be a B flat major chord or F sharp major chord.
  • On two occasions I’ve seen a chord sequence with blank (silent) measures at the end. For example, there will be 6 measures, the first four have audio but the last two are silent. Chord Crush still expects me to nominate a chord for these blank measures, which is an impossible task.

There is also a glitch in Google Chrome when played on a laptop with a touch screen:

  • If using the touch screen to make a large left-to-right motion (e.g. move chord I to the final measure), this will sometimes activate Chrome’s built-in “go back” gesture, taking me back to the previous page and losing my Rush game progress. This is a particular problem if you “miss” and you release your finger just before (or after) the chord is over the measure. This doesn’t happen on Firefox, which has no such gesture.

@atlight, thanks for the detailed report!

Really glad you’re enjoying the app! We’ve got another big part of Chord Crush that we’re hoping to release shortly, so excited to share it with you all.

I’ve also noticed some of these glitches, and agree that they really put a dent in the experience. Thanks for compiling this list, we’ll do our best to get to the bottom of these issues.

Regarding the touchscreen laptop, is the left-to-right swipe a configurable gesture in the browser? I’m not sure that we are able to cancel this default behavior, but will look into it.

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Exciting! I look forward to the new developments.

I don’t think it’s possible to adjust Chrome’s preferences as a user. From the perspective of the web developer, I found javascript - Stop chrome back/forward two finger swipe - Stack Overflow. This describes a two-finger swipe (for me just one finger will trigger it), but the relevant code might be the same for both.

This is great news that you’re working on a fix. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you guys putting this together. Well done. I was just adding one of my first compositions into my video editing program to do a little video and am having a tough time getting rid of the pops … maybe when I was changing out some of the chords something got out of alignment. They are not audible when listening to the program just once it’s in a WAV file. I tried adding compression but that didn’t help … and trying to remove a frame or two just made it worse. It’s a mellow piano track and maybe if I had drums it would drown it out but I love the piano sound. If you come up with something to clean it up that would make it perfect!

I’m sorry to hear that. How did you export the audio? Did you make a screen recording for the video or did you do a wave export?

I exported a WAV file and that’s where the pops are. I recorded off the program with my phone and there were no issues. How do you do a screen recording?

@atlight, congrats on your top scores!

We’re trying to work through some of these bugs but are having difficulty reproducing them.

The last one:

  • On two occasions I’ve seen a chord sequence with blank (silent) measures at the end. For example, there will be 6 measures, the first four have audio but the last two are silent.

was related to some bad puzzles which should now be out of rotation.

The key changes, as you might have guessed, are part of the game after you’ve solved a certain number of puzzles, however the key orienter should always play. I haven’t been able to reproduce this bug, although suspect it may be related to the bug where you have to manually press Play (which I do see from time to time), which may have to do with a race condition associated with some of the asynchronous actions. I’ll report back when I find something concrete, although if you have any more info on how to reproduce some of these bugs let me know.

Thanks for following up @Ryan! Yes, they really are quite rare issues, occurring especially during rapid progression through early levels.

I just played a 3 minute Rush without any issues - it was smooth as butter from a technical standpoint. Sadly I only made it to level 22…

22 is already challenging mouse dragging skills as much as it is your ear. I think we may need to add a new mode to give you more of a challenge!