Chord chart piano issue

Hi all,

When you play your chord progression and you select chord chart piano, you can see the note position on the keyboard. However, when you put in pause your song, the note does not match with the current chord. Notes go back to the first chord. We cannot read the keys position chord by chord…

Thank you
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I’ve had a similar problem. Ben

Yes thank you. And ? What did you do.

I am surprise to have no answer about this issue from a developper. Hopefully, I take a mensually membership.

Sorry for the delay. I am able to reproduce this bug. Looking into it now.

Ok thank you Chris. I am waiting your feedback.

Bump – same Issue. I do not have this issue when I am viewing songs from the theory section and also do not have a plus (will in a few days) so idk if that makes a difference but would really like to see this bug fixed!!

@rocklobster343, thank you for bringing this to my attention again. Just pushed Hookpad 1.6.3 which fixes this bug. Hookpad Release Notes


Wow you guys rock!! Can’t wait to get my plus subscription!