Change mode or key without changing existing notes

Sometimes I’ll write something in Hookpad in one mode or key only to realize after the fact that it’s really in another mode. For example, I’ll start writing in C major, and insert notes and chords with Bb in them, only to realize when I’m done that I never used B, and the piece is really in C mixolydian. For the purpose of exporting a proper score it would be nice to have the option to change the mode to mixolydian without changing the key or the notes. Right now if I change the mode to mixolydian, Hookpad assumes I want the same notes as the C major scale I was just in, so it goes to G mixolydian. Then if I change the key back to C all the notes and chords get transposed, which is not what I want.


It appears you can do this now. In Settings, choose “Mode changes are relative”, and choose a different mode under Key.

How about changing key without changing notes? That doesn’t seem to be possible.

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