Can't upgrade to plus

So, I tried to purchase the HooktheoryTab Plus but I just can’t.

It says the credit card was accepted(turned green) but then the page refreshes and I’m back on the same page.

I just made another purchase on the internet to test if was everything alright with my card but it seems that the problem is with the hooktheory site.

How can I upgrade now? Thanks in advance.

@seinper our payment processor (stripe) controls whether a card is accepted or not. All handling of cc info is handled on their site for security reasons so this is not something we have control over. We’ve had a couple complaints about this in the past, and I’m not not sure why certain cards are being rejected.

You might try using a different card?

If this doesn’t work and you’re willing to commit to a year of Plus (as opposed to month to month) I can send you a paypal invoice and add you manually. Send us an email at support at hooktheory dot com and we’ll set you up.