Can't Save a Tab [Solved]

Hello guys!
Looks like i’m the first to write something here. YAY!

When I try to save a tab in Hookpad, everything looks fine, but in “My Tabs” page nothing appears.

That happened some times to me, you must be sure that you dont include any special characters in the tab’s name (there are a few exceptions, but I forgot). Still, they should give some sort of error message warning us that the tab didn’t save and stuff.

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Lawl, a couple of us had unearthed this for a while but we never bothered saying anything here

Not sure about the issue you’re having; I can definitely save tabs but not publish them depending on if the name contains any special characters

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Problem solved! There was a special character.

@GabrielFooster and @MKSTAR26, thanks so much for pointing this out. We just pushed an update to fix this problem. Now when you try to save a TheoryTab with an invalid special character in the name (we only allow A-z, 0-9, apostrophe, and the minus sign), Hookpad will tell you there is invalid character and prompt you to fix it before you can save your work, as shown below.

Hi guys,
I am having this issue as well. However there are no special characters in the name of my Tabs. I’m finding that when you save the tab the first time, it seems to work fine, but when you make further edits to the tab and try to save your changes, the new edits are not captured and if you reopen the tab you will find that its the first version of the tab you saved that opens.

I can’t save either and there are no special characters in my tab.

Since I’m not a member yet (just trying it out), there’s no way for me to keep my project. So sad :frowning: