Can't open song files

I am trying to open any of my song files and none open. All it shows is the “loading” button. I’ve reloaded Hookpad several times and rebooted computer. Not working.

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Probably a bug in 2.19.0

@dave @chris @Ryan please fix this I’m not gonna update Hookpad now

Yes, I am having the same problem. Cannot load any of my songs.


Sorry all, looking into this

@Shotglass, @JohnDaCruz, is it certain songs or all songs? Also what browser are you guys using? We had a bug with Safari earlier but that should be worked out now

EDIT: I thought the Safari bug was pushed, but it is now pushed in 2.19.1, let me know if this has fixed the issue

Just went through all my files. Some files will open. Others won’t.

Using Chrome. And the same also happens with Microsoft Edge.


Same problem. Cannot open some of project files

Can you guys send me the names of a couple songs that aren’t opening to ryan (at), will help us narrow down what’s causing the problem. Thanks!

New User here!

yeah, i have the same issue. I closed Hookpad at 9:11pm last night and now i cannot open my song file.

Different computers, Rebooting, and singing in and out have not helped lol.

Thanks for the support @Ryan !

Hi @Kunami13, thanks for the report, can you also email me the name of a song that isn’t working. We’ve identified at least one instrument, “Lead Guitar Single Notes” that was having trouble loading. We’re pushing a fix to this, but in case there are others, it is very helpful to have have specific project names so that we can investigate further. Thanks for your patience!

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Hi all,

We just pushed v2.19.2 with a fix for the bug causing projects with the instrument Lead Guitar Single Notes to fail to load.

Can you please update your Hookpad to this version and check to see if this has resolved your issues with projects not loading? Thanks!

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@Ryan As of the bug fix, I can now access all of my song files. Thank you so much.


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Thank you to everyone who sent songs. We’ve found another bug associated with smart drum pickups. This will be fixed in 2.19.3, which we’ll push shortly.

EDIT: 2.19.3 is now live. All of the known bugs introduced in 2.19.0 associated with song load failure are now fixed, so if anyone is still experiencing songs that won’t load in 2.19.3, please respond to this thread or send me an email. Thanks!

Howdy Ryan!

Yes! the update fixed everything! Thank you so much for your speedy response!

Wish you and the team the best moving forward

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Still can’t play songs older than last Friday. Some will open in browser (others won’t); but none will play in browser. I use Microsoft Edge. I do get a message that I have lost internet connection and that I can reload “Clean Lead Guitar-Sustain” when connection is restablished … if that helps you any.

@Shotglass thanks, that sounds like an issue with that instrument, although we’re not seeing that specific one. Let me look into it further. Have you confirmed that you’re at least on version 2.19.3?

@Shotglass, I finally tracked down a bug that I believe could be causing the issues you’re seeing, which would affect songs using certain combinations of instrument patches. Can you update to 2.19.5 and see if this has fixed your issues?

Ryan, I am still having issues with playing songs that use the instrument “Clean Lead Guitar Legato Sustain”. I do find that if I delete all that instrument (for each band that it is in) and reload that same instrument, the song will play OK. But with over 300 songs, that process is unbelievably tedious. What if it happens again? I hope you are working on a fix.

Thanks for the info regarding that instrument. I apologize for this issue, we essentially reworked all of Hookpad’s instruments for this update and unfortunately made a couple of mistakes. Getting your songs working again is my top priority so I do appreciate your help locating these bugs.

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