Can't find the "Pickup measure" button

Hi there,
I can’t currently find the button to add a Pickup measure.
I am being stupid or is it not currently available?
Many thanks,

Hey Jamesis,

you can find the pickup measure button in the preferences, at the end of the project preferences tab.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Many thanks DSchwachofer!

I now have managed to add a pick up bar. I have selected a Smart Pickup Simple but it is not playing. The drums are not muted and do play for the remaining bars.

Thanks - Zephyr_2

Hey Zephyr,

let me try to understand what you did. You added a pickup bar and you added a smart pickup. And you also added some other drum groove which you can hear after the pickup bar? Did you add a band change after the pickup bar or did you add two drum tracks?

To clarify how it should work, there are two concepts mixed up here. The smart pickups are designed to be selected at a song part where no drums are playing. If there is a band change after the part where a drum rhythm is selected afterwards the pickup rhythm is automatically chosen to fit to that drum beat and is played at the bar before that band change. If you have more than one drum track you need one smart pickup rhythm for each drum track. So for example if your first drum track has loaded some percussions and you have added only one pickup in the band section before you won’t hear any pickup as the percussion don’t have any pickups assigned.

Second if you have selected a pickup bar you don’t need to select a pickup as this is done automatically for the pickup bar. Select only a drum beat and it will have a pickup rhythm for the pickup bar and then play the selected rhythm for the next bars.

Please let me know if this helped!


Thanks for your response. I will have to revisit that since it has been a while.
I had only added a single drum track to the body of the tune and was hoping to then get a short drum intro in the pick up bar. If I can’t sort it out this time, I’ll ask for clarification.