Can't Export Score - HTTP Status 500

Hey forum - I tried to export a couple scores and received a 500 error after I select “Lead”. In case there was an error with the file itself, I created an empty file with some measures and it did the same thing. I’m a paid user as well, if that helps.

Edit: when I say “file”, I mean I had a file stored on the cloud storage provided by Hookpad but also had an empty file that hadn’t been saved yet.

Here’s what I tried to solve this on my end:

  • Creating a new score without lyrics, just a few measures with notes
  • I checked to see whether the double-quote issue on another thread could be my issue too, but this song doesn’t have lyrics
  • Logged out, cleared cookies, logged in again

Thanks in advance. Let me know if I can provide any more information…


Yes me too.

Your score is being prepared and will download shortly.

After that:

There was an error with the server. (HTTP Status 500)

Score, Tab, Lead all of these doesnt work.

Having the same issues today downloading Lead, Score and Tab. Been working great for a year, up until today.

Same issue here, hoped it was something that i was doing but seems to be an issue to be addressed by the developers. Hoped it was resolved today as it started yesterday doing this. The saved projects load from the cloud okay but can not export lead sheets, scores etc.

The error is remaining this morning. Does anybody in the support team can help us ?

Still have same issue! Help! I tried different browsers, and same result! That 500 error. Need these PDFs!

Hi All,
we have tracked down the issue and it should be all fixed now. Sorry for the inconvenience

That going well now. Thanks