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Can't Export Lead Sheet or Score

I keep trying to export “Lead Sheet” and “Score” but it doesn’t work.

Hey @padah2000
can you be more specific. Does it say you can’t export (perhaps because you aren’t logged in with your account) or is there some other error indicating it failed? Is it all songs or one in particular? If there is a specific song that is failing, let us know the info at support at hooktheory dot com and we can take a look using our diagnostic tools.


Hi Dave! I am logged into my account. It just says…

“An internal error occurred. There was an error with the server. (HTTP Status 500)”

It seems to be happening with one song. I tried the demos on your site and they are working fine. I think it may have something to do with lyric function because I wasn’t having this issue until I tried using the lyric function.

Hello, I am experiencing, “An internal error occurred. There was an error with the server. (HTTP Status 500)” issue when trying to export a lead sheet of my HookPad project, which is due directly re a theatre production in final pre-show rehearsals. Please advise. Thank you.

Hey Andrew,

There’s a bug in our software that is causing lyrics with double quotes (") near punctuation to fail sometimes. We’re working on a fix right now, but if you need to make edits to your lead sheet immediately, you can change the double quotes to two single quotes: " -> ’ '. It will be typeset the same but bypasses the bug.

Sorry for this issue, and we appreciate your support.


This newest issue has been solved in version 2.20.3