Can't create the gorgeous chord - G sus

How do I create G sus, not sus2 or 4, just G sus?

A suspended chord is created by raising the third to the fourth (sus4) or lowering the third to the second (sus2). I think that when people refer to a suspended chord without specifying like “G sus” it often means use the sus4 version, but I’m sure that could vary a lot depending on context and genre of music.

Thank you Perpetual Monday. Tried your suggestion, but sus2 and 4 doesn’t create the sound.
The chord is sometimes referred to as F/G.

Based on this answer you might want to try G9sus4.
Alternatively, you could vary it slightly and use (G + add 9 + sus 4) which has a little less tension without the 7th in it.

Thanks once again. Can’t wait to try the options you’ve suggested, will run them when I get home.

You might also try a V11 which technically has some extra notes (G B D F A C) but in practice is voiced omitting the 3rd and 5th to get what you want.

Shameless plug: we cover V11 and talk about some of its uses in Ch 3 section 4 of book 2 :slight_smile:
It’s a great chord


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I am oh so grateful to all who have replied. The example used in book 2 with Billy Joel’s, “Just the way you are,” makes me realise I have loved this chord forever.