Can't add more than 18-21 lines

I’m trying to finish a song but when try to add a 20th line only the melody section appears, and I can’t add any chords. If I try to add a 21st line I don’t get the melody or chord sections. I tried it with another song and it happened on the 19th line instead of the 20th. If I start a new song and just add rows right away I can get 21 full rows, but the 22nd is a problem. This happens in both Chrome and Firefox.

Good god. I’ve certainly made long tabs before, but never to that extreme.

I just tested it, the entire section where Hookpad usually is goes black when I hit 23 lines. Nothing else weird happened, except for the sudden black rectangle.

Is 20 lines really extreme? The song is only about 2 and a half minutes long at this point (It’s in 3/4 at a tempo of 174 BPM), and will likely be less than 4 minutes long when I’m done. I suppose I could convert it or rewrite it in 6/4, which would halve the number of lines, but that would make editing more difficult (try converting a 3/4 song to 6/4 and you’ll see what I mean). And anyway the greater problem would still remain. I mean, is it really THAT uncommon for someone to write a 5 or 6 minute song?

Hey Adam,
Yeah you’re definitely pushing the limit here. Flash also starts to slow down after that many lines as well. Since Hookpad is really meant for creating the skeleton/foundation of a song, just the basic chords and melody as opposed to a final polished final product, we recommend separating your tabs into sections (i.e one for a chorus, one for a verse). It makes it easier to manage.