Cannot save Hooktheory project

When I click the save button after typing in my title, it just says “The request requires authentication headers. (HTTP Status 401).” Is this a mistake on my part? What is happening?

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I am having the same issue. It’s still possible to save to disk, fortunately.

@TrevorDJ @akkail_ltd is this a blank song in Hookpad? Are you signed in with your account while trying to save? Does this happen whenever you try to save anything or just in specific cases? I’m assuming your internet connections are ok?


Can you make sure you are signed in to your account within Hookpad. The web site and the Hookpad app are different system so it’s possible to be signed into one but not the other. Here is where the sign if for hookpad is

I have this same problem. I am signed into the site.

Hey Bob,
Can you try clearing your cache (or if you are using chrome hold down shift while reloading the page - that’ll make sure you have the newest version) and then signing out and back in again (from within the hookpad app not from


edit: just received a direct message that this solved the problem. Going to mark this thread closed.

Hi, same issue here. Still able to save to disk, only