Cannot access books after buying with hookpad

I purchased the hookpad and book combo just tonight and I can access hookpad fine but am unable to access the books.

I know there should be links on the upper right of my screen, but I do not see them.

above is a screenshot of what I view on my screen

Apparently I also seem to not have full hookpad access either, so I will wait and see if I receive access soon. I will update later

Apparently my activation link didn’t work the first time. Things seem to be working now

I’m having the same problem. Did you have to do anything to get access to everything, or just wait? If so, how long did it take? Thanks!

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Having the same issue - is there anything I can do to resolve this myself or do I need to just wait?

Oh it’s fixed! I went back to the activation link email and clicked it again, and this time it verified properly giving me full access to all I had paid for (just in case anyone else is stuck in future). :slight_smile: