Cancel subscription

i need to cancel my subscription and there is no where to do that, i’ve looked every where, i find that ridiculous and really sleezy that yall make it hard to cancel that. i was planning on just pausing it, but now i plan to make sure i get this canceled and never come back, please get it canceled or i will report this company to the BBB

Sorry it wasn’t more obvious! You can go into the accounts page from the main drop down menu on every page or go directly to Sign In - Hooktheory

Your active subscriptions should show up there. (if it doesn’t show up it means it hasn’t been linked to the account and needs to be activated). You can also cancel from any email receipt you get for each month (assuming billed monthly).

I went ahead and canceled your subscription and also refunded you for the last several months as it seem you haven’t been using the service


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When I sign in I do no not have an option to cancel. The notification email I received reminding me about the soon annual payment did not have a cancellation link either. How do I cancel the subscription?

@jcarnelian I checked your account and it seems your subscription has already been canceled (at least the one I can see). If here is another that you end up getting charged for let us know at support (at) hooktheory (dot) com and we’ll make sure you are refunded right away.