Can you simply export JUST the chords, without the "playing" part?

To the makers of this app, thankyou, it’s just brilliant!

Just wondering if there’s a way to simply export just the chords without the other rhythm the app adds? As in, I just want to have the MIDI for the whole bar, instead of it being all chopped up (as below). I’m fine with cleaning it up, just would be lovely if it could exp[ort a simpler file.

Thank you!

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I agree that ability to export “just the chords” would be quite useful!

The midi output follows the rhythms the instruments play. So if you open the band browser you can select non rhythmic patches which will give you a “cleaner” midi file.
I recommend using the “Piano Full Chords” patch and export it directly with the button from the band browser. This way you’ll have only one midi track with sustained chord and bass notes.