Can you recommend a DAW and Interface?

I’m a Windows 10 user and big Hookpad fan. Just getting started when it comes to DAW software though. I was hoping someone could recommend a good DAW that works great with Hookpad and is easy(ish) to learn, has good documentation/user guide, etc.

It may be a separate topic, but I also need a recommendation on a good midi interface that will allow me to record vocals and input notes from a full size keyboard.

Thank you very much!

I have been using Logic Pro since it came out and I run it on an iMac, 32 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD drive. When I use a lot of plugins it gets slow and laggy and I get popup messages saying, “Computer overload.” This is getting extremely frustrating.

I also own Studio One but have not used it much but considering doing so.

Studio One is apparently a lot easier to learn to use, is more stable because it uses fewer resources, and can do most of what Logic Pro and Protools can do. Among my songwriter friends who know about DAWs and produce their own and other people’s music, S1 has a very good reputation for being rock solid and easy to use.

I’m pretty sure it plays nicely with Hookpad because I saw one of the founders using it in a tutorial.
If I were starting today, I would go with Studio One.

As far as interfaces, I use an Apollo Twin MKII by UAD. I like it now and it works well and has nice preamps, but the “Console” software had me constantly confused for months. So I would shy away from UAD at first.

I don’t know what’s out there in the marketplace. but I would look for one that is $200 or less and has good reviews. You can always upgrade your gear later.

Good luck!

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