Can you open an entire song with TheoryTab?

I discovered TheoryTab today, and I realized you can open diferent sections of a song in Hookpad, but I can’t find the way to open the full song (it would be very useful for me to make a cover) is it possible? Thanks

Hi, I don’t think that this is possible right now.
The problem is that often the songs are not complete, but have only the most interesting part of the song. Also a song typically repeats its more important parts like the Chorus or the Verse a couple of times and there is no way to reflect the song’s structure right now. But you’re right, this would be a viable feature. I’ll have to think about it.

Right now, you can open the song parts in multiple Hookpad tabs in your browser and then copy everything into one song. For this you select complete bars, press “C” for copy and then in your other browser tab, press “SHIFT” + “V” to paste the chords and melody from clipboard there.

Please let m know if this works for you!


Great idea, thanks a lot.

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I think full-length songs actually violate Hooktheory’s TOS for reasons of fair use.

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