Can we have repeat/goto markers?

I am using hookpad to help write entire song structures, and like, we have loops but that’s not quite the same. Instead of writing a chorus twice I’d rather just have a marker that’ll repeat the 8 bars twice or x number times before moving on. Would also be cool if that could be toggled on/off for trial purposes. Also a goto-certain measure/section marker would cut down on redundant section repeats that don’t change. Thanks

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Hey Sy-Mercade,

thank you for your suggestions!
One workaround would be to first write all your song parts and the use our section editor to copy and move all your song parts into the right order and form your song structure like this.

It’s not exactly the same approach the same but perhaps this might help you for structuring your songs.



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Thanks Dennis, I do use the section editor, but its just this would cut down on the actual amount of sections there. Like in that pic chorus could just repeat 3 times for example without copying it out, provided it doesn’t have any small changes. Thanks!

Ah great! I just wanted to make sure you don’t copy notes and bars etc. for creating your song structures.

I agree, one could save lots of space by repeating sections and setting GOTO markers. But at the same time those things can get very confusing if a couple of those GOTO markers and repeat signs clash into each other. We’ll have to think about it.

good idea to have repeat and goto.

In addition to that:
a specific goto may only be followed when beeing passed a second time and NOT beeing on a repetition cycle.
It must be made sure, when beeing on goto (dal segno), only to follow the last repetition if this has been started after goto target(segno)

Please think about band changes to be assigned to

  • first play
  • repetition cycle
  • beeing on goto (dal segno al coda)

As in lots of songs voice and acompaniment change during repetitions.

But first things first …

A plain repetition for 1 or x times would be great.

Thx and
Best Regards

Similar enough to add here, it would be great if there was a modifier for the loop selection that skips it rather than looping it. This would be a quick, non-destructive way to audition different progression ideas.

Some DAWs have a feature where if you make a time selection from right to left it’s skipped.
In this example starting playback on bar one would play C, G/B, Fmaj7, C/E

That’s a great idea. I know this function from Logix X. We’ll brainstorm if there is a way to make implement this.