Can theory tab sections communicate with each other?

Today I had an idea which is to have theory tabs broadcast out whenever they change key so that other sections on the page can also change. Similarly, when one shows guitar / piano, or changes the tempo of one section, the other sections would follow suit. I think having more synergy between the separate sections is a good thing. How does the community feel about this? Please “heart”/“like” if you think this is a good idea.


Considering that part of the point of separate sections is that they can be in different keys and tempos, so as to accurately represent the song, I think in many situations it could be counterproductive to link them and have changes to one section get applied to the rest (I think that’s what you’re suggesting, correct me if I’m wrong). Particularly with tempos, if you change the tempo of one section from 150 to 100, that doesn’t mean you want the tempo of every section to be 100 no matter what it was originally, nor does it mean you want the tempo of every section to be decreased by 33%, though that’s probably more likely. The natural assumption when you change one section is that the changes will only apply to that section.

Regarding transposition to different keys, it might be useful to have an “apply to all” feature that changes the key of each section proportionally (e.g. if a song modulates from C major to D major, and the C major section is changed to C# major, the D section would go to D# major). This would have to be a very clear opt-in feature, though, and unless a song has a ton of sections I’m not sure it’s worth the trouble.