Can i write melodies for more than one instrument?

Hi, I like to write orchestral music and I’m really enjoying coming up with quick sketches in hooktheory but is there a way to create multiple melodies? For example. I can only create one melody for say a violin but what if I wanted to make one for a brass instrument and one for woodwinds as well? Is there a way to do this within hooktheory?


when you are in the note editing section - you can have up to 4 voices. each independent in terms of instrument (and now in the new version exported as stems!!!)

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Thats awesome! Thank you!

I also use the harmony instruments. I export as MIDI files and then import that into MuseScore and separate the harmony tracks into individual instruments. The violin and cello sections do a pretty good job covering the strings. There are some extras that you can move to other instruments as well.


Interesting, thank you.

also if my melody tracks aren’t full i’ll add single notes of the root on each chord so i have that to drive other instruments which have patterns (guitar VI, scaler, etc) and only need the root note (and if i have more i’ll create the third as minor if needed etc when i know i’ll be driving a guitar VI with it for example).

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Ohh thats a great idea! So scaler only needs the root note to make chords?

depends on the scale but in essence. i main use it to drive guitar VI and may tweak it once in the DAW