Can I still access My Projects page?

Can I still access My Projects page or from now on am I stuck with the “open” command inside the Hookpad?

@NecroToad, thx for reaching out. The “My Projects” page on was kind of a duct-taped mess of old and new code that was baiscally duplicated in our modern code inside Hookpad so, yeah, we killed it. Is there a specific feature that that old code enabled that you don’t have with the new way? Or just something you miss about the old thing? If it is something specific about performance, convenience, of feature, we will work to add it to the new code.

Hi Chris, thanks for responding.
Yes, there is two features that I miss.
I usually make a bunch of files with different ideas just to play with my creativity when I start making a new song. Then, when I think that there is a few good melodies, progressions, arrangements and rhythm ideas, I open all this files in different tabs in my browser and start merging then, working on the structure, progressions, feel, etc. And in the end I have my new song.
On the old “My Projects” I could click with the middle mouse button (or ctrl + click) and easily open several files at once in different tabs. Now I have to douplicate the tab, wait it for load, click open, wait the list of songs to show up, select the song, wait the song to load and then start all over again for the next song. Sometimes I want to open an old file to compare something or for use it as a reference and I simply don’t do it because the process is so slow that it ends up interrupting my flow. In the past I left the “My Projects” page open and simply Ctrl + click on the project I wanted to consult and keep doing my things while it was openning.

The second feature that I miss is simply the fact that the list of songs is shown in a large page and not in a small popup, so it is way easier to find a song and see a lot of itens at the same time, now looking for a song feels a little like fighting against the scrollbar.
To tell the truth, I contacted you guys some years ago, but never got any answer, asking if it would be possible for us to have some way of grouping or organizing our project files, perhaps through folders, tags, manual sorting, any method would be extremely helpful.

Thank you for your attention.

Hey @NecroToad,

These are all great suggestions. Thank you for taking the time to share them with us. Sorry we didn’t connect the first time you reached out about this.

We just pushed a new build, 2.12.12, that hopefully solves your two main pain points.

  1. Can now click “Open In New Window” in the file -> open modal to open a project in a new tab / Hookpad instance
  2. The height of the file -> open window scales with your browser so you can see more items on larger screens

Let me know how this feels. Eventually, I may do a build of just this code to create a “My Hookpad Projects” page that can live entirely outside of Hookpad.

As for folders and organization tools, this is something I also really want. I think it will happen someday but it is not on our immediate roadmap.

Do filtering and pagination really need a full refresh of the user’s project list? Shouldn’t they be done on the client side?

Thank you very much Chris, I’m very happy and surprised to see these things added so quickly. This is really great and I’m very excited to test the new workflow.
I think that maybe it would be great to also have the ctrl + click or middle click as alternatives to the “Open in New Window” since it is faster, but really man, these new features are already great!

About the folders/tags/manual sorting, don’t worry, I image it’s something way more complex. Just put my single vote in it as a future request please.

And finally, since we are talking about productivity features, it would be great if there was a way to copy a section of a file into another one, normally when I want to test putting an idea on another song I have to create the section again. It would really help.

Thank you, and I’m sorry if i’m being that annoying guy full of requests LoL. :sweat_smile: