Can I export (to MIDI) *only the melody* and not the accompaniment?


After creating a piece in Hookpad that includes a melody and chords, I would like to export only the melody of it as MIDI. When I then import the melody into my notation software (, I do not want/need the accompaniment to show up.

Is there a way to isolate the melody in a MIDI export?



you could make a copy of your project in hookpad, then remove all the non-melody elements. i suggest this because i don’t believe the MIDI export pays attention to muted, or the mixer settings. but generally simply enough to simply go through the project, make it all one band, then remove all chords and instruments except the melody lines.

Select the measures that you want to export and click the graphic button for the melody voice on the band panel that you want to export.

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OK! So I just need to go to the band window at the bottom of the screen, delete all of the instrument parts except for the melody part, and then click on “export” and choose “MIDI.,” That worked! Now I have only exported the melody. Excellent.

Thanks so much!


Hey Mark, as dkirtley pointed out, you don’t need to delete anything, just use this button with the stylised melody next to “Lead 1” in your band browser and it will export the melody of all selected bars.


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edit - ignore me :slight_smile: definitely follow what dkirkley and Dennis say. after what, 2 years of using this i had no idea you could download each audio or MIDI separately…