Can I collaborate with someone on a Hookpad Project?

The following question came in via email (answer below)

I’d appreciate it if you could advise me how to collaborate with a singer/ songwriter. I’d like her to able to adjust the melody and lyrics for sing-ability and voicing for her performing arts band.

As she is still a student, will she need Hookpad or Hookpad Plus to modify what I’ve produced in Hookpad Plus, or can I give her assess to my song using a different password. (The reason I’m asking is because if she needs to pay for Hookpad Plus, I shall probably have to pay, and I’m not sure what my wife is going to think of that


There are two options

  1. Like you said, if both users have Hookpad Plus, you can save to disk, email the .hkt file to the person, they can load it into Hookpad, make edits, and email it back to you
  2. There is also the option of sharing your account credentials but do this at your own risk; we don’t advocate the sharing of account credentials.

Someday it may be possible to collaborate on a project like in Google Docs, but for now it is not possible.