Can I collaborate on songs in Hookpad?

This came in via email from one of our users and I thought it would be interesting to other people in the community

My sister and I love to write songs together, however she is in another state. I got her excited about you guys, and as a gift from her she will actually be paying for me to have this online account. Her question is will we be able to collaborate together on songs? If so how does that work? Can she and I be on the same account together, or have sign-in access into one account together. I didn’t see any reference to this question in your online forum about more than one person collaborating together in one account. Please let me know the best way to do this. Thank you for this wonderful way of learning, we can’t wait to see what we discover, we are excited to learn how to read, and write music. We look forward to hearing from you.

Great question. Right now there are a couple ways to collaborate on a Hookpad song:

  1. If you are a Hookpad Plus member, you can save your Hookpad songs to disk (locally) and email them back and forth to each other. For example you could create a song and save it to disk (on your computer) as “Our-Song-v1.0”. You could email it to your sister, she could load it into Hookpad (In Hookpad, click “open”, then “Disk open”) she could make her changes, save it locally (to her computer) as “Our-Song-v1.1” and then email it back to you. You could keep this going back and forth.
  2. There is nothing to prevent you from sharing your credentials which would allow you to both login to the same account and see the same Hookpad projects when you login. Keep in mind, however, we do not have sophisticated multi-user simultaneous edit features like, for example, Google Docs. If you are both working on the song at the same you will not be able to see each other’s changes in real-time. Also, if you both made edits at the same time and saved, the edits made by the last person to save would overwrite the edits made by the previous person. For this reasons, we don’t recommend sharing an account. (But if you communicate and agree not to make edits at the same time, this would technically work).

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you! This answers my questions. We look forward to using your product and also look forward to turning our friends and family on to your site. Keep up the good work and thank you for your service to humanity and the ARTS!