Can I access this features or use an old version of Hookpad?

Hi guys, first of all I love the new version of Hookpad, really! But I’m missing 2 features from the older versions.

I would like to know if I can enable/access it. If it’s impossible then I would like to know if I can use the older version of Hookpad.

The two features are:
1- The “preview” when you select a chord with the Magic tool (which play the previous 2 chords from the progression and the selected one without adding the new one to the music). Now it feels more bureaucratic to listen to the Magic tool sugestions: you need to add the chord, play the music, stop the music and then remove the chord in order to listen to the next sugestion, before we could do it with a single click!

2- The second feature that I’m missing is also related to the Magic tool: previously when analyzing a chord sugestion from the Magic tool it also showed musics that used that same progression. I used to listen to this songs when I was stocked as a creative exercise.

Press 8:

Hookpad 1 is still available here.

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