Can "Folk" be added as a genre please?

Simple request :smile:

@DrCav, just added it. Thanks for the suggestion.

@chris Thanks mate. What about “Soul”? I’m never sure about R & B.

How about just turn the genre into a comma-delimited field akin to title and author? It could even use a similarity search like the one that appears in this forum when creating a new topic, to reduce possible duplicates. You can limit the number of genres shown on that dropdown menu on the Theorytabs page, but you cannot limit the number of genres in all music, and hence the number of genres of the music that Hookpad users want to analyze.

interesting @HertzDevil.
Since you can have multiple genres I cant see why having VERY intricately titled genres (i.e. TripHopNerdcoreBubblestepJunglesyncTranceJungleFungleRollingRock) as well as more established genres i.e. Rock is a bad thing. Except for the obvious stupid music genres which can be deleted later :smile:

@DrCav, “soul” has been added. In general, we’re fine adding requested genres as long as people know what they are

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@chris “Ballard” please.

@chris Punk and Indie would be good I think.
Also can we have “Christmas” or “Seasonal Songs” as it will make searching for Christmas tunes easier.

  • Metal;
  • Chiptune (if it does not belong in Electronic);
  • C-Pop (Chinese popular music);
  • Anime (if it does not belong in either J-Pop or Soundtrack).

Actually “Holiday” is already there.

sorry for replying to a dead thread, but why is “There is a light that never goes out” under Folk? There’s hardly enough actual folk to fill the genre tag for now.

I second the Anime tag.

Well, if something like “anime” is being considered when there’s already “jpop” and “kpop” or whatever, then here’s a few more suggestions:

  • Punk
  • Post-Punk/Hardcore (covers stuff like New Wave and variants, emo and variants, gothic rock, and even Industrial, etc. – this is just as much of a must-have as Punk)
  • Disco (or just Dance in general, which is a better idea)
  • Ambient (or change Electronic to “Electronic/Ambient”)
  • Traditional (Folk)
  • Experimental (to be used in conjunction with other genre tags, such as Rock and Jazz. Or even other genres – for example, in the case of Industrial, for example, one can instead tag as “Experimental” and “Post-Punk/Hardcore” to fill the gap)
  • Metal

I would personally vote towards merging K-pop and J-pop into something like East Asian Pop. Or, like, just Pop. I know this will offend the American kids who are “japanese at heart” but to the average person they literally mean almost the same thing – especially when ALL other forms of pop – noise pop, shoegaze, art pop, pop-rock, jazz-pop, etc. are all lumped under “Pop.” Also, “Anime” would fit perfectly tagged as both “East Asian Pop” and “Soundtrack,” or as “Pop” and “Soundtrack.” There’s no point in having highly-specific fringe genre tags when you don’t already have tags for major, more encompassing genres. I’m sure that adding the tags above would also cause more rock/punk/jazz/indie/whatever groups to fit in better because right now there are tons of tabs for soundtracks to extremely obscure chinese cartoons and internet meme youtube videos, but not for even the most basic of jazz standards, highly influential rock/punk/jazzfusion/etc. sets/songs, or even any actual “Folk” music that could fill the tag with more than a page of material. This is where the site’s resources fall flat and drive people from these bigger backgrounds away.

But think about it. C-Pop? Really? Should we also have A-Pop for american pop, I-Pop for Italian pop, IND-pop for pop from indonesia, NK-pop for field recordings of dying, starving children? Why pander to three specific countries? Surely the difference between Indian Pop and American Pop would be a lot larger than that between C-Pop, J-Pop, or K-Pop. Solution: as stated above, lump it all into “Pop”. Solved.

Chiptune belongs in “Electronic”/ “Video Game” – that’s literally what it is. Just another fringe genre.

And I’m against the inclusion of “Indie” because that’s also just a fringe off of “Alternative Rock”, which is also a tad too fringe to add as its own genre tag.

It would be a great step towards making the site more accessible and friendly to the average studier of music theory.