Call for online participants for University Study on music cognition

Hey All,
Professor Ivan Jimenez from the Sibelius Academy is conducting a study on music cognition and needs some volunteer participants. We at Hooktheory are happy to help advance science in any way we can, so if you have some time consider helping Professor Jimenez out.

Dave Carlton

“Experiment about chord progressions from Beatles songs: We are testing listeners’ ability to identify Beatles songs from the chord progressions and we are looking for musicians and non-musicians who are very familiar with the music of the Beatles music (i.e., can name Beatles songs from short excerpts of commercial recordings). Our Beatles experiment takes between 15 and 40 minutes to complete, and it can be taken online using a computer, tablet, or smartphone. To take our experiment please follow this link: and/or, if possible, please share this message with anybody you know that likes the Beatles or who would not mind sharing this message with others. Participation in this experiment will remain completely anonymous unless you prefer otherwise.”