Cadential 6 4 progression help


brand new user here, I’m just trying to wrap my head around the best way to learn and get to grips with this new hookpad tool!

I thought I’d listen to some existing chord progression trends, and the Cadential 6 4 list is really doing it for me. :slight_smile: I wondered if there’s any more info on the tool, that might help me learn a bit more about what I like with these progressions? I found an external YouTube clip after searching what Cadential 6/4 meant, and it seems it’s a way of keeping the bass note fixed, whilst adjusting the 6&4 intervals of the chord to 5&3. is that right?

I’m just trying to figure out how to navigate around this idea and how I’d build some chord progressions in that same way. Is there help or any tutorials around this theme or method available?


In my experience the cadential 6 4 is a really old concept, dating back to Johann Sebastian Bach or even further. In Bach’s choral works you can hear the cadential 6 4 for example if the last three notes of a cadence have the scale degrees 3-2-1. There you will often hear V64-V53-I or more correctly I/V - V - I. Perhaps looking in Bach’s works will give you more intel.