Bugs report for chord chrush puzzles


Just wanted to report some bugs in the puzzles :

Puzzle 15003 → none of the chords work for the 2nd chord

Puzzle 15649 → same thing is happening for the 2nd chord, nothing works

Puzzle 14276 & 14275 → Those are the same songs and if I’m not mistaken exactly the same sample but the chords are different in each puzzle

Cheers :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reports, looks like we’re still having issues with those multiple add puzzles, will try to push a fix for this shortly, but can take those puzzles out of circulation in the meantime, appreciate your help as always!

Regarding 14276 and 14275, the first 4 chords are indeed different, (one set has the pedal D and the other the pedal G), but it is a bit confusing to have these puzzles be so similar.

EDIT: I believe we have this issue resolved, so am putting these puzzles back in rotation

Thanks Ryan for the fixes.