Bugged lines that can't be removed

These lines always have the small loop icon above them and are always multiples of 16 beats apart from each other in each measure line. These lines also make notes and chords that go over them look like two when the notes or chords are highlighted (but the notes and chords still act and sound like one)

Only happens in hookpad

@Vaz, thank you so much for reporting this. Can you give me steps to reproduce? I can’t get it into this state.

I’m aware that chord light-up across segments (segments an internal unit of drawing computation / calculation within Hookpad) is split across the divider line and pushed 2.13.0 knowing this. Is this the only bug you see, or is there something more fundamental here?

They appear in all hookpad projects. They become especially clear to see when you change the time signature to 3, 5, 6, 9 or 12 because then the lines don’t line up with the measure lines

Just open any hookpad project (your song, theorytab whatever) and the lines will always be at beats 16, 32 etc of each measure line. You can put a chord or note over them and it will split the chord or note into two even though there is only one (but the chord or note itself still acts like one)

@chris you can see it in theorytabs like this:


@Vaz, thank you for that example. I know exactly what is going on and will work on a fix.

Fixed in 2.13.2, released moments ago.

@chris can you remove segment splitting because it makes notes and chords that go over those lines look weird