Bug report - "infinite loop in _findBestBreak" when exporting score


There appears to be a bug at the moment when attempting to export scores of songs with the above error.

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Hi @emeraldnext, what version of Hookpad are you using? Use Hookpad Menu -> About. A fix for this was pushed on April 6, but it is possible you are using a cached outdated version of Hookpad.

To get the latest version of Hookpad, relaunch your browser or do a hard reload of the app webpage (shift + refresh button) . This is since the 2.8.0 release where Hookpad became a progressive web app that gets cached for offline use.

Hello @chris,

I think I found the issue. I appear to be on the latest release, and I’ve double checked to hard reload the app.

However, what I have found that it appears to be localized to two songs that may have been created with a version of Hookpad that had the bug? This bug does not appear with older songs or songs created now.

Here is a link to the two songs that seem to have the issue on my end. However, I must note that the PDF still exports despite throwing the error on these particular songs only, which I didn’t notice earlier.



Hi @emeraldnext

Thank you for the detailed bug report. We have identified the problem and will be pushing a fix shortly.

EDIT: This issue has been fixed in version 2.10.9