Bottom line "Rendering..."

Still getting random “Rendering” on the bottom line when opening or editing a file in HookPad. Zooming in and out sometimes resolves the issue.

Hi and thank you for your feedback. I have the same problem sometimes. I’ll put in on our to-fix list.
I tried debugging this, but right now all song I check are working. Is there any of your songs which has problems all the times?

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Thanks, would be great if this gets fixed. Can be really annoying when working with others via screen share.

I’ll keep an eye out for any problem files and get back to you if I find one.

Thank you very much. Those things are always hard to debug.

Of course, now that I look for it I can’t reproduce it…

Which could mean it’s not related to any specific file.

Yes, I think it could be more like a specific state of the browser where Hookpad’s internal height is not updated correctly.

I do remember it often happens when I already have more than 2 lines and write something in the last visible bar to get hookpad to show a new line. Then it sometimes displays the new line as empty and “Rendering…”