Book formats and DRM

I am interested in the books but have questions about the format. I use iBooks on my Mac, and a Boox (Android-based) ebook reader. I’d like to read on both, and would prefer to own the books, not rely on a web browser.

If I buy the books off the site, do I get access to epub format or just the browser? If I buy off iBooks, are they DRMed? I assume the interactive exercises work offline? (Actually that makes me suspect they are PDF then). Anyway, I couldn’t find this info on the site; would appreciate some clarification.

The iBooks and Google Play versions of the book are fairly separate from the rest of the ecosystem just due to how Apple and Google have set up their stores unfortunately. As far as DRM goes, we don’t add anything additional, but obviously Apple and Google have their standard restrictions in place.

If you want to use the books on multiple platforms I would recommend signing up for an account on our site and buying the web version. Note that you can get the book in App form (not on iBooks) from the normal iOS app store. The ios app accepts the same Hooktheory sign in so you can read the books on the app (without relying on the browser) and without buying twice if you purchased the web version.

There isn’t a pdf or epub available mainly because the book is interactive and plays the musical examples and lights up.

Hope that helps!

Thanks. Bought the online versions. The PWA approach is good for my Mac, looks like the iOS app will be good for my iPad; is there something similar for Android?