Bass line, chords, and melody

Thank you for the videos about voicing chords on piano. I understand that with the right hand, you should play chords in a manner that requires the least amount of finger movement, while with the left hand, you should play the root note/bass. Do you have recommendations for how to play bass line, chords, and melody all at once for solo piano? It seems that this requires three hands!

@bells18, yes! I’ll address that in the next few videos.

Hi, @Ryan, Just found hooktheory and loving it so far. I have been working my way through the videos (which are great) and have watched the first two on piano voicing and just wondering if we have an ETA on any future ones that will add the impact that playing the melody has?

Many Regards


Hi @Johndavis76,

Sorry for the lack of updates. We’re currently working hard on squashing some bugs and transitioning Hookpad away from Flash, but hope to get back to the videos soon. I have a lot more planned for that particular series!