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Basic Drum kit as an instrument in band section

Hello would it be possible to add to the different instruments assignable to the hookpad 4 melody tracks a " drumkit instrument "?
This would allow to write ultra simple drum patterns that are not listed in the “band drum section” of course by sacrificing one or 2 “melody tracks” (but even in this case it could be very very usefull).

Another solution would be to allow the import of one audio file, but if i remember a previous discussion about this topic , you said that this function is not a priority for you.

Please consider this request , because hookpad is an awesome tool but this limitation in terms of rhythmic variety imply that users who compose in differents musics styles like (Afro,Caribbean , some Latin stuffs and others…) cannot use it to its full power.


I too would like to add samples and options to the service so that I can compose the type of music I perform! ~( ‘w’)/

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