Band section doesn't appear when I press 'Band'

Not sure what I am doing wrong, but nothing seems to happen when I press Band. What am I doing wrong please?

Hey Seashore, I’m sorry to hear that.
One thing which sometimes might happen is that the band browser is kind of minimised. Please try to position your mouse at the bottom of your window and drag that up.
You might also see a grey line appearing at the bottom when pressing Band.
Please let me know if this helped.

Regards! Dennis

Hi Dennis, thanks for your help. I can see the grey line but I can’t open it/expand it/drag it upwards…

I think you have to position your mouse at the upper region of this line. In the lower region you’ll get the arrow sign to crop the window of your browser and at at the upper region the size of your band browser.
But the difference is very little so you might need a few try and errors. :slight_smile:

Sadly nothing I do is making any difference. I am working on a Macbook if that makes any difference?

I’ve also run into this issue and although the arrow changes between minimizing the browser window (Chrome Version 100.0.4896.88 (Official Build) (x86_64) and what I think is the Band window, nothing is happening to show the Band window. Dragging, double-clicking, nothing seems to be working right now.

Scratch that, just updated Chrome to Version 100.0.4896.127 (Official Build) (x86_64) and its showing now