Band Saving and band disposition

I’m curious about saving a Band. If when changing a band the software automatically gives a sequential band; what is the purpose of saving a band? (I could also save a lot of time if the software continued from where I pause … say to change the band playing, etc.

On the positive side I could not do what I do without this software … overall it is awesome!@

I’m still puzzled by ‘saving a band.’ Now I could understand it if the band number on the notation corresponded to the band on the list, and the list changed for each composition, but it doesn’t appear to work like that. Consequently, if I wish toe return to the original band set up used in the introduction, when I invoke Band1 for example, a band I used in another composition loads up. To me this doesn’t make sense or am I missing something. (I’m also hoping to see some repeats and al coda soon :slight_smile: In the meantime, what a fantastic tool for writing melodies - well done everyone! (Songwriter Andy on

think of saving a band like saving a template that you might use over and over again. Once you’ve saved a band template, you can select any band change in your song and click that template and that arrangement you’ve saved will be populated there. Note that at this point you can edit the band further if you want. It is independent from the template you used as a stamp to get you started.


Hi Dave! Can you tell me – is it possible to edit/modify a Saved Band and then re-save it? In other words, if I create a new band and save it as Full Band Template with an acoustic guitar and use it throughout a few different songs, can I then decide I want to switch that band to an electric guitar and re-save the template so that band changes in all the existing songs? I’m guessing the answer is no, but you never know unless you ask :blush:

Thank you!