Band Markers - Function and Editing

Hi Gang, Still new to Hookpad, but working in this everyday now. I’m fleshing out a previously written song and have learned via YouTube to add and reposition band markers to control the drum fills. Can anyone point me to further explorations around Band Markers? Once placed, can they be edited other than undoing them sequentially? These markers change voicings, change the drums the drummer plays etc. Some powerful magic here…I want to understand! Thank you!!

Hey Yabba,

so basically for each band marker you can use a completely different setting in the band browser. So you can use different instruments, but also change the volume and the range of the existing ones. The drums will play smart fill-ins or pickups before any band marker but with the newer drums you can also select your own pickups and fill-ins.

You can’t move the band markers to a different position but if you select one and press “C” its setting get copied and another band marker can be overwritten by selecting it and pressing “V”. So to move a band marker you can create a new one at copy the settings and delete the other one.

You can also define sections for song parts which can be moved and copied. Those will also move and copy the band markers with the musical material. The sections button is in the top in the middle.

I think that’s about the whole thing you can do with band markers.

Please let me know if there are any questions left.