AZERTY keyboard support


As an AZERTY keyboard user I would love to be able to choose a kind of “keyboard shorcut mapping” in Settings to allow the seamless usage of shortcut.

For example the shorcut to set the duration to “4” is “;”, just next the “L” on a QWERTY keyboard.
On AZERTY keyboard the same shortcut should be “M” (the letter just next “L” on Azerty keyboard) instead of “;” .

Here is for example majors differences between Qwerty & Azerty :

There are a lots more differences, regarding the “number” above the letters, and aproximatively all symbols keys around letters ^^

It would be a pleasure to help you if I could help for such a feature (like testing or others).


Hi and thank you for your feedback. We’ll think about a way to tackle this. At the moment “M” is used to switch the text-entry mode so just using M for a 4-beat duration wouldn’t work, but perhaps we can find another approach which is simpler than creating different mappings for different keyboards.



Thanks for your answer !
Yes if shortcuts are “hardcoded” I understand it could be a pain to review them.
Moreover Qwerty and Azerty are not the only 2 patterns that exists worldwide so a good implementation will need some times.
Let me know if i could help a day about that.