Avoid mixing sharps and flats on export?


I noticed there is a mixing of sharps and flats in the output from the lead sheet option, and presumably the score option as well. I’d like to request a feature to constrain it to the correct one for the key signature?


Admittedly this piece is in C but transposed to F it still gives the same result.


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You can readjust each chromatic note to get the desired accidental; semitone up followed by semitone down produces a flat, the opposite produces a sharp. It usually suffices to select the entire note track and then do this only once to unify all accidentals on that track.

There was a separate feature request made years ago to display accidentals right in the piano roll, by the way.

Oh, thank you greatly. I won’t have to resort to getting this all punched into a different notation software to fix this!