Automatically trim empty measures after when submitting to TheoryTab

Ever since the feature to automatically add measures when you edit the last line was added, I’ve been needing to go in and edit my TheoryTab submissions after submitting them because I keep forgetting to trim the extra empty measures added at the end of the tab.

I would like TheoryTab submissions to automatically trim tabs when:

  1. The measures are empty, or have only rests,
  2. The measures are at the end of the tab, and
  3. The measures are after the “end of YouTube playback” marker.

I think if it has just the grey rests - especially for the chords - it shouldn’t delete them. Some songs have just the rest to make it blend better into the net section.

@bigyihsuan thanks for the feedback, certainly we should not be including measures after the “end of youtube playback” marker

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