Automatic negative harmony

Based on the concepts presented by Jacob collier about negative harmony and negative melody, where we could create new versions just flipping the notes over the Y axis, so the C major scale becomes G Phrygian. See the equivalent in the photo below. Also possible to convert the harmony below for C Major chords.

Could be super nice to have that functionality on the hookpad to have inspiration based on our own melodies like use th one in the verse as the source to create something darker in the bridge or in the second verse.

Here the video of Jacob Collier


All major/minor triad possibilities should be covered but make sure to remember symmetric property (i.e. if looking for VI remember to read right to left as well)
Major and Minor Scales Diatonic Triads
I = i
ii = bVII
iii = bVI
IV = v
V = iv
vi = bIII
vii° = ii°
Nondiatonic Triads
bII = vii
bii = VII
II = bvii
biii = VI
III = bvi
#IV = #iv
#iv = #IV

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I second this! This is something I was recognizing I would want at some point too

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