Auto-replace certain chord names (the absolute label)

Based on the relative chord label (with Roman numerals) a new chord name should automatically replace the absolute chord label (the chord name) in certain cases. This would also allow us to search for more chord names in Hookpad. Here are some examples in the key of C major:

  • When the engine sees a iii(no3) chord, replace em(no3) with E5
  • When the engine sees a iii11(no3no5) chord, replace em11(no3no5)(b9) with Dm/E
  • When using Hookpad to search for Am/B the result should have a relative label of vi11(no3no5) and an absolute label of Am/B - please note this solves all feature requests of people asking for inverted add9 chords

In the future, you could also pick the absolute name based on the chords around that chord. For example:

  • If there is an inverted G chord in front of, or behind, replace the Cmaj7sus2 chord with G/C

good ideas - one exception may be determined by the instrument - like a guitar - maybe interpret the E5 (for example) differently than piano (no real difference) but something like Cmaj7sus2 w/ G/C will definitely be different (although i’m not sure how you get there with Hookpad though)