Augmented chords?

hi, i joined yesterday, so sorry for any uncomfortable informality
i was browsing through some songs, and i noticed that one chord in a song was wrong, so i made an account to fix it
but i can’t seem to find out how to add augmented chords in any way whatsoever? from what i can see, the other forum threads on this don’t actually answer it…

Right now you’re not able to put augmented chords into a theorytab draft

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Sorry about this, we’re in the process of migrating the theorytab drafts to the newest version of the editor which will allow for this.

@Ryan how long will it take

@Vaz123, it’s at the top of our priority list (especially since many browsers will stop supporting Flash very shortly). We’re currently in the middle of an overhaul to the chord palette to make it much easier to find chords that are distant in function, which we believe will also be a useful tool for contributors to the theorytab database (and open up the database to more non-functional harmony, which currently as you know is either very cumbersome or worse, impossible). Most of this functionality is done, but we’re working hard to get all the bugs out.

@MabelAndTee I have good news for you

As @Vaz123 mentioned, indeed Hookpad 2 is now used for all theorytab analyses.