Audio not switching to active voice

I have been experimenting with multiple voices. I was bummed to learn that, though Hookpad can notate up to four voices, only one can play at a time. That’s not a huge problem, exactly, but what I have had happening is this: I select voice 2 as active, then enter notes. The notes I enter play and everything seems fine. Then, I try to select voice 1 as active, but the audio doesn’t switch over. That is, the voice 1 notes light up as if that line is playing, but I am still hearing the voice 2 notes. I have tried reloading the project, as well as justswitching back and forth between 1 and 2 as active, but it still doesn’t switch over. Am I doing something wrong here?

EDIT 11/8: Yes, I was doing something wrong here! Voice 1 was muted and I didn’t realize it. Unmuting both voices also led to the pleasant surprise, despite what I read elsewhere, that you can hear both at the same time. I apologize for the confusion.

Hey jaw, glad you found the problem.
Yes you can play back all four voices, even with multiple instruments playing each voice, that’s no problem. Where did you read that you can only listen to one voice?


I read that in an answer to this forum post: Is multiple voices playing (polyphony) possible? - #6 by themotorizzer

I was happy to find out that this poster was mistaken!

Yes, there are always some misunderstandings about polyphonic voices. To make it clear, we don’t have polyphonic voices but instead we have four monophonic voices which can be used to create some kind of polyphony.

This is exactly what i said!