Audio Glitches when tab-editing

Currently, I’m having strange audio glitches when playing tabs or YouTube videos linked to tabs. Whenever the audio peaks, it causes a brief click on my speakers.

I have confirmed that it’s not a hardware problem, as playing videos on YouTube itself is just fine.

I also have confirmed that it’s not a soundfont loader problem, as even when no soundfonts or modifications are on my soundfont loader the glitches still appear.

Please fix this issue, it makes it hard for me to analyze songs when clicks are heard throughout.

Windows 10, Google Chrome, using CoolSoft VirtualMIDISynth

Some questions to help us track this down.

Does this click seem like the audio is clipping or is it something else? I’m assuming that if you turn down the sound you still get the click (which could still mean the clipping of the waveform is happening at some intermediate point in processing).

Is it perfectly in sync with the loud portions of the sound and does it happen every time or is it more intermittent?

How recently did this start happening? Was there a change you made in your system? Just trying to isolate what might be the cause…


It’s an intermittent clicking sound, it seems to occur randomly at all volumes.

It started happening about a few weeks ago. I’ve used Hookpad on this computer before, and there were no audio glitches then.

I initially thought it was a problem with the speakers I was using, and last night I was using headphones and the problem appeared even without using said speakers.

This could be related to the loudness of Hookpad, because what happens is that the YouTube video is much louder than the tab notes, and Hookpad itself is much softer than playing MIDIs on my device.