Audio export hangs on both mp3 and wav

I am using hookpad in chrome on Linux Mint system. When it comes to exporting audio from the tracks, the export popup opens, progress bar goes to 50%, and then it is stalled. When clicking ‘Cancel’ after 10 minutes, also normal playback doesnt work anymore and I have to reload hookpad (with all changes lost :frowning: )

Any ideas?

maybe save the project first. then export the MIDI. then export the audio?

Thanks. I now switched to Firefox, this seems to work.

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is it confirmed that chrome is not a good host for hooktheory ?
I’m on a mac mini M2 and loaded chrome just for hooktheory (i’m using safari normally)
i can’t export neither WAV not MP3s. got stuck and there is no rendering whatsoever
midi just work fine though.
help, thanks

Hey David,

I’m sorry for your troubles. Chrome is in fact the recommended browser to run Hookpad on so please keep using it. Is the export hanging for your songs or just a specific one? If you tell me the name of a corrupt song, I can have a look and see if I find something odd.



I have also had the same issue on mp3 and wav exports.

I also have been able to export using Firefox browser.

i’ve PMed you the track.
I was thinking : is it possible that the app behave differently because I loaded the chrome app plugin (?) rather that having the browser load the hookpad website ?


Thank you very much for your help. Indeed the single instruments export in the band browser is broken. I was able to fix the error, the export will work again after the next update has been pushed. In the meantime please use the other audio export options.