Artist crediting system needs an overhaul

As it stands, the artist crediting system is too simplistic. Having only one space for the artist name, and a space for the song title, is not good for songs with multiple artists. Often when crediting a song that has a featured artist, I have to cram that artist into the song title (example: “Here We Go Again ft. Tyler The Creator” by The Weeknd).

This is especially a big problem for songs that don’t have a clear lead artist, where the artists are credited as “and” instead of “featuring”. When a song has multiple lead artists, putting all their names into the Artist field causes a new page to be created, which is a huge bother. For a while, I’ve wanted to transcribe the song “Un Dia” by J Balvin, Dua Lipa, Bad Bunny, and Tainy; but I can’t find a proper way to credit the artists with the current system.

The best remedy for this problem would be to allow multiple artists to be separately credited on one song. When we upload a TheoryTab, there should be a button to add additional Artist fields. This would be especially beneficial for genres like hip hop, reggaeton, and regional Mexican music, where collaboration is a common practice. Please consider my suggestion, because I think it would really help us TheoryTab contributors.


The artist crediting system also needs to accommodate for soundtracks (shows, musicals, video games, etc). Currently, the database is a disaster for video game music, particularly Nintendo music, because people keep crediting the artists differently. Some credit the composer (e.g. Koji Kondo), some credit the video game/series (e.g. Mario Kart), some credit the company (e.g. Nintendo). They also may cram the video game name into the title, which already has limited characters. It’s a disorganized mess.

Crediting multiple artists would allow people to list the composer and the video game series. Perhaps there could be a dedicated “source” option for songs that come from a soundtrack. I don’t have a 100% concrete suggestion, but the artist crediting system in the database needs to be improved. As it stands, it’s an overly restrictive, confusing mess.


Honestly, there needs to be some sort of moderation of any kind. Once a TheoryTab is submitted to the site, it’s basically like that forever, mistakes and all.

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